Top Dog Construction: community commitment

An Unwavering Commitment to our Community

 We are proud to appreciate our customers, support our community, and  help families and kids in need through donations and holiday activities.

Activities and Events

4th of July Parade

Top Dog Construction is thankful for the clients we serve, and we’re proud to take part in the annual 4th of July parade

Annual Customer Appreciation BBQ

We’re grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a community. That’s why we celebrate with an annual customer appreciation BBQ every year!

Sponsor a Family for Thanksgiving

It’s always important to give back and support the community, so our team at Top Dog Construction is glad to sponsor an annual family dinner for Thanksgiving!

Company Christmas Caring

Each year, the entire staff gets together to contribute what they can towards a collaborative effort that helps make Christmas brighter for kids in need. This includes donating gifts and other items like toys or food banks, so every child has an exciting festive season!

Supporting Local Organizations

Top Dog Construction is proud to support the following organizations and initiatives:

Too Good Boxing

STL Sport Outreach

A Champions Shoes

Fast & Furriest

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