Premier Hardscaping In St. Peters, MO

If you want to turn your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional area, then you need to consider hardscaping. With hardscaping, you can add any kind of additions to your landscape design. However, you will need professional help to know which materials to use and how to plan the design. It can be exasperating when your outdoor space doesn’t reflect your ideas.

Everyone deserves a beautiful outdoor area that enhances their home’s value and appeal. At Top Dog Construction, we understand your situation and are here to help. Our hardscape contractors specialize in transforming ordinary backyards into extraordinary retreats. Explore more about our hardscaping services in St. Peters, MO!


We understand this city’s unique character and style as a local company. Our approach to hardscaping in St. Peters, MO, can align with its local aesthetic, creating outdoor spaces that feel personal and connected to our community. 

We use materials and designs that blend in with the surroundings, making your additions look like they have always been a part of your home. Our goal is to enhance your outdoor space’s beauty and functionality without disrupting your landscape’s natural flow.

Our hardscaping services go beyond just laying down stones. We offer a wide range of features, including:

Paving Stones

Transform your walkways, driveways, or patios with our durable and stylish paving stones. Available in various colors, shapes, and sizes, they add a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.

Retaining Walls

Enhance the functionality and allure of your landscape with our custom-built retaining walls. They provide effective soil erosion control, create flat spaces on sloped areas, and serve as beautiful garden features.

Outdoor Kitchens

Take your entertainment to the next level with our professionally designed and installed outdoor kitchens. Equipped with high-quality appliances and finishes, they’re perfect for hosting barbecues and family gatherings.

Fire Pits

Create a cozy, inviting ambiance with our custom fire pits. They are ideal for chilly nights and provide warmth and an excellent spot for roasting marshmallows, sharing stories, and making memories with loved ones.

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The Top Dog Construction Advantage

Choosing Top Dog Construction as your hardscape contractor comes with the following benefits:

  • Certified hardscape contractors
  • Clear communication
  • Durable materials
  • Warranties

Don’t settle for a dull outdoor space. Let Top Dog Construction help you unleash the full potential of your backyard with our premier hardscaping services in St. Peters, MO. Here’s how you can work with us:

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Watch as our team brings your vision to life.

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